Alumni Stories

Jiawei QU

Founder of ALORSFAN | Entrepreneur @STATION F | Technical Management

Specialist @HUAWEI

Paris 13, Île-de-France, France

As a founder, he has set up ALORSFAN which is an online food ordering and delivery platform, featuring the most authentic Asian cuisine from premium restaurants and supermarkets. Users can order with a smartphone or tablet application (iOS and Android available). It aims to act as a bridge between French and Asian cuisine culture to all the Parisians.

Graduated from SSE, USTC and SKEMA Business School, he’s been nurtured with the following characteristics: Have passion for challenge, innovation and teamwork Explore products Have executive power and put ideas into practice

Hong Li

PhD candidate in Computer Science at UbiComp group

'Best Paper Award (Top 1%)' at Ubicomp 2016 (CCF-A)

Hong Li is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at UbiComp group at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he is coadvised by Dr. Thomas Ploetz and Dr. Gregory Abowd. His research interests lie in Ubiquitous Computing and Mobile Health. Before going to Georgia Tech, he received his master’s degree from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) as an outstanding graduate. Li won a 'Best Paper Award (Top 1%)' at Ubicomp 2016 (CCF-A) as the first author when he was a master student at SSE, USTC. It was the first time that ACM UbiComp Best Paper Award was awarded to a research institute in China exclusively. He said he had been cultivated a lot from SSE's intensive leaning environment and internship period.